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Tuesday 13 December 2016

Americans Feel Guilty about Food Waste, but Still Throw Away Food

Despite increasing evidence of the social and environmental consequences of food waste, a new study in PLOS One found that Americans throw away nearly 37 billion kilograms (80 billion pounds) of food annually, and almost half of all Americans do not realize that food waste is a problem in the United States.

The Ohio State Researchers behind the study administered a national survey to 500 people in the U.S to examine Americans’ awareness and attitudes toward food waste. The study is the second peer-reviewed large-scale consumer survey about food waste and is the first in the U.S. to examine American attitudes on food waste.

The study found that 53 percent of respondents express recognition that food waste is a problem. Co-author Brian Roe, the McCormick Professor of Agricultural Marketing and Policy at The Ohio State University, told Science Daily, “It’s still amazingly low. If we can increase awareness of the problem, consumers are more likely to increase purposeful action to reduce food waste. You don’t change your behavior if you don’t realize there’s a problem in the first place.”

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